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2006.I Love Taiwan Mission
Author/PCT Youth Ministry Office
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Date: 2017/7/6

4th I Love Taiwan Mission
Orientation: June 29 – July 1 2006, at Presbyterian Bible College (台灣基督長老教會聖經學院)

Church mission: July 1–13 2006, at local churches in Taiwan

Debriefing: July 13–15 2006, at Catholicism Kenting Student Center
►There were 13 local churches which included:
►There were 34 overseas participates which included:
22 Americans, 2 Canadians, 3 Koreans, 6 Indians and 1 New Zealanders.
►There were 44 Taiwanese participates which included ILT staffs and Local church youths.

Submitted by:青年事工委員會