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2018 ILT: Seek for Wonders!
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Date: 2018/7/10

Explain how to make Ramune Marble Soda

胡宜芳 文字報導 / 陳怡婷編譯


Seek for Wonders!
Mandarin reported by Hu, Yi-Fang/ English transcribed by Rachel Chen

The participants enjoyed the opportunity visiting Ramune Marble Soda Factory and Neiwan Old Street in Hsinchu. They were eager to share their photos and videos when they got back to the Presbyterian Bible College. The way they presented their discoveries and experiences of Hakka and Taiwanese culture enriched the Sharing Night. It was a fabulous chance to show what they had observed and learned from making Ramune Marble Soda to Hakka culture and free hugs - each group put a great effort to complete their mission in different ways, which touched ILTM staff. Also it was evident from participating fully in “Seek for Wonders” activity, the youth made more friends and grew closer in their groups. This also deepened the fellowship and trust making the atmosphere of ILT Orientation Camp even lighter and warm.

ILT youth with local child

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