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Welcome to "2018 α The beginning"
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Date: 2018/3/5


Welcome to “2018 I Love Taiwan Mission Camp: α The beginning”

Based on Genesis, the theme of 2018 ILT: "α The beginning” allows people to review and feel the relationship between God and people, people and land, and the relationship between people. Moreover, the theme of 2018 ILT even has a strong connection with the origin of how Genesis got its name. In Old Testament of Hebrew Bible, it took vocabularies or phrases in the beginning of the chapter as the title. Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning when God created the heaven and the earth”, therefore, “The Beginning” became the title of Genesis.

2018 ILT invites you to discover and feel the gladness of God's creation “in the beginning” with youths from different countries. God blesses every creature and human beings are entrusted by God to love and protect the world in a loyal and responsible attitude. From Genesis, people see God’s plentiful images which include His leading, protection, blessing, saving, promise and accomplishment.


July 4 to July 21,2018

Application deadline

April 30, 2018(Monday)

Program Outline /VenuePlease download the introduction for further information.

July 4|Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport(TPE) |Overseas youths’ arrival in Taiwan

July 5 - 7|Presbyterian Bible College|Orientation

July 7 - 18|Local Churches in Taiwan|Church Mission

July 18 - 21|William-Sia Memorial Camp|Debriefing

July21|Taiwan Taoyuan InternationalAirport(TPE) |Departure

Who may Participate?

(1)Youths and young adults from overseas. (Age 16-35)

(2)Youths and young adults who are interested in cross cultural mission.

(3)Youths and young adults who are willing to cooperate with local church/organization’s summer program.

(4)Youths and young adults who want to know more about Taiwan.


(1)Local expenses, duringJuly 4 to July 21, will be fully supported by PCT, local host churches and organizations. The expenses Includes food, accommodation, accident insurance, transportation and exposure program.

(2)Participants will be responsible for all other expenses: International airfare and other expenses in Taiwan, e.g. Laundry, telephone, medical insurance, and extended travel in Taiwan, etc.

For More Details

Please see the attachments for invitation letter, introduction and applications

Program Contact Person

The Youth Committee of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT)

Program Secretary: Evangelist Li, Sin-Jin

Program Assistant: Ms. Lan, Yu-ching./Emma

TEL: 886-2-23625282ext. 610

Fax: 886-2-23631722

Address: 3, Lane 269, Roosevelt Rd. Sec.3, Taipei, 10647 Taiwan

Email Address:

2018 ILT-1 Invitations.pdf
2018 ILT-2 Introduction.docx
2018 ILT-3 Application_form.docx

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