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2018 ILT: Exploring the Wonders of Hsinchu!
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Date: 2018/7/9

ILT Youths in front of a Hakka restaurant

廖宜德 文字報導 / 陳怡婷編譯

中午我們品嚐到了道地的客家菜餚,並且也在關西教會的長老的介紹下,學習到客家傳統文化與特色,對於第一次來到臺灣的國外青年來說,這也是他們第一次接觸到客家文化。下午我們到達內灣老街,而在大家逛老街的同時也需要完成一些指定任務,任務包括合照、Free hug、用中文點餐等等,這些任務除了能讓大家留下活動的回憶,更重要的是提升國外青年與在地青年的合作與交流,也讓他們與當地的人們有了互動的機會,體驗到臺灣最引以為傲的人情味。相信在今天一整天的探索下,對於不論是國外青年還是在地青年都是個深度瞭解臺灣的機會,同時也開啟了國外青年對臺灣文化的興趣。

2018 ILT: Exploring the Wonders of Hsinchu!
Mandarin reported by Liao, Yi-Te / English transcribed by Rachel Chen

Our activity today, July 6, took us out from the PBC campus on to the streets of Hsinchu – “The Windy City”. This adventure was divided to two parts: Ramune Marble Soda Factory and Neiwa Old Street. After viewing the Ramune Marble Soda Factory, we learned how to make our own Ramune Marble Soda and drank it with a sense of accomplishment!! We then enjoyed authentic Hakka cuisine at noon. During our lunch break, Elder Daniel Chen, of Guansi Presbyterian Church, introduced us to the Hakka traditional culture. For the international youths who came to Taiwan for the first time, it was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Hakka people of Taiwan and their special characteristics.
We went to Neiwa Old Street in the afternoon, and the participants were assigned mission task which they needed to complete as they roamed around the Neiwa Old Street! Their mission included taking a group photo at the most ancient shop, giving a free hug to a stranger, order drinks at a beverage shop using Mandarin Chinese language etc. These challenges not only created memories but also enhanced the cooperation and “team building” between the international youths and local youths. Moreover, the international youths had the opportunity to meet with local people at Neiwa Old Street and experience Taiwan’s highly reputed hospitality for themselves. "Through “Seek for Wonders” activity, all the participants had the chance to experience Taiwan first hand; at the same time we hope it also inspired and encouraged the international youth to want to know even more about our country and culture!

DIY Ramune Marble Soda

DIY Ramune Marble Soda

DIY Ramune Marble Soda

Korean Finger Heart

ILT Youths with local children

ILT Youths on mission

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