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2018 ILT: Sending Worship
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Date: 2018/7/10

I Love Taiwan Mission Camp!

胡宜芳 文字報導 / 陳怡婷 編譯


Sending Worship
Mandarin reported by Hu, Yi-Fang/ English transcribed by Rachel Chen

Saturday, 7 July, all too soon the last day of ILTM Orientation was here and all the youth participants prepared to leave Hsinchu and travel to their respective local host church ready for mission activity! With the solemn sound of pipe organ, the Sending Worship began – it was a touching moment. During the worship, several ILTM youths were invited to read the Scripture in their own native languages, which helped to emphasize the spirit of Oikoumene. All present sat around an artistic shape of Taiwan placed on the floor and the ILT participants were invited to write down the very first scripture verse they learnt or heard on the “map” of Taiwan and to mark it with their own palm prints using colorful paint. These acts symbolized identity - discovering the original self, waiting for God’s guidance and preparing to share in the mission of the local host churches in Taiwan.

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