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Welcome to "2019 I Love Taiwan Mission Camp: CORNERS OF GOD'S KINGDOM"
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Date: 2019/2/14


Welcome to "2019 I Love Taiwan Mission Camp:



Training in Mission: We expect the youth to experience God's grace and love, to learn and live out their faith, and to be challenged to devote their lives to God through the participation in missions. Also, we hope, through this camp, the youth will be willing to be involved in ecumenical movement and construct a life of identification, devotion and growth.


1. Widen overseas youth's knowledge and understanding about people and the churches in Taiwan through mission involvement (e.g. teaching English in summer camp) in cross cultural and multi-religious context.

2. Develop a network among overseas youth, Taiwanese youth and churches.

3. Cultivate leaders through participation in community mission and evangelism.

4. Motivate ecumenical involvement in local churches.


June26 to July13, 2019

Application deadline

April 30, 2019(Tuesday)

Program Outline/Venue




June 26


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

Overseas youths' arrival in Taiwan

June 27-29


Presbyterian Bible College

1. Preparation and program introduction
2. Get to know Taiwan and the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT)
3. Get familiar with Taiwanese local youth

June 29-July 10

Church Mission

Local Churches in Taiwan

1. Participate in community services in organizations or churches
2. The target groups -- children and teenagers
3. Join one-day tour

July 10-12


William-Sia Memorial Camp

1. Group sharing and report writing
2. Program reviews and suggestions
3. Culture Night

July 13


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

Overseas youth depart from Taiwan


Translation between English and Taiwanese or Mandarin.

Role of Host Churches/Organizations Taiwan

1. Initiate summer mission programs.

2. Support overseas youths' local expenses, accommodation and one day tour.

3. Recruit at least 2 local youth to participate in this program and send their applications with church/organization's application forms.

Who may Participate?

1. Youth and young adults from overseas. (Age16-35)

2. Youth and young adults who are interested in cross cultural mission.

3. Youth and young adults who are willing to cooperate with local church/organization's summer program.

4. Youth and young adults who want to know more about Taiwan.


1. REGISTRATION FEE: $100USD (The expenses Includes food, accommodation, accident insurance, transportation and exposure program.) It is payable in cash upon arrival.

2. Participants will be responsible for all other expenses: International airfare and other expenses in Taiwan, e.g. Laundry, telephone, medical insurance, and extended travel in Taiwan, etc.

How to Register

Step1. Register Online (

Step2. After online registration, you will receive your completed registration form through email with the name "2019 ILT Application ".

(1) Please print out the file "2019 ILT Application ", sign it and ask your church to endorse it. (It is recommended that you get the endorsement of the General Secretary of your church and are in close contact with your church body.)

(2) After you get the endorsement of your church, please send your application to: or Fax:886-2-23631722

Program Contact Person

The Youth Ministry Committee of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT)
Program Secretary: Rev. Li, Sin-Jin
Program Assistant: Ms. Lan, Yu-Ching (EMMA)
Address: 3, Lane 269, Roosevelt Rd. Sec.3, Taipei, 10647 Taiwan
TEL:886-2-23625282 ext.610
E-mail Address:

Support us

You might have heard of or participated in "I Love Taiwan Mission Camp (ILT)". The overseas participants will serve in different types of local churches in Taiwan, such as indigenous, urban or rural churches.

Some of these churches lack funds and coworkers to carry out the mission tasks. We, therefore, welcome your prayer and support.

"I Love Taiwan Mission Camp (ILT)" welcomes special donations for these churches and organizations in need.

Donations will be forwarded to PCT Youth Ministry Committee. Your support will be highly appreciated.

Bank details are as follows:

Account No.:



Account Name:

Juridical Person of Mission Foundation of
the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan


Cathay United Bank

No. 149, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei, TAIWAN

※Please notify PCT when deposit/transfer is made indicating purpose of payment (2019ILT), contact name and address.

2019 ILT Invitations.pdf
2019 ILT Aplication Form.docx

Submitted by:青年事工委員會