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Welcome to ‘‘2017 I Love Taiwan Mission Camp: Thy Name’’
Author/PCT Youth Ministry Office
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Date: 2017/2/10


Theme: Thy Name
We have our own names, and they mostly bear expectations from our parents, elders or even ourselves. By recognizing the names, we get to know each other andit is a way of building relationship. However, does God have a name? What’s His name? And how do we know God?

When God called Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt, God said His name to Moses on the Horeb. He said, “ I AM WHO I AM” (Exodus 3:14) God’s name reveals to us : He is the one who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty. We were all created by God, and that’s why John Calvin argued that one could not truly know God without knowing oneself and that one couldn't truly know oneself without knowing God.

This year is the 500th anniversary of Protestant Reformation. “2017 I love Taiwan Mission Camp – Thy Name” is going to begin! Hope we can serve with ecumenical partners during the journey of ILT together, and to know each other, to know ourselves so that we can know more about the one who creates this land and humans, our God.
Dates June 28 to July 15, 2017
Application deadline May 2, 2017 (Tuesday)
Program Outline / Venue Please download the introduction for further information.
-June 28 |Kaohsiung International Airport(KHH)*|Overseas youths’ arrival in Taiwan
-June 29 - July 01|Chunghwa Telecom Co., Telecommunication Training Institute|Orientation
-July 1-12|Local Churches in Taiwan|Church Mission
-July 12-15|William-Sia Memorial Camp|Debriefing
-July15|Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport(TPE)*|Overseas youth depart from Taiwan

If your flight arrives at Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) (*there is no Direct Flight to Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) in your country),the transportation charges from TPE to Kaohsiung will be at your expense.
We will pick you up at Zuoying Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail. (*The way to Kaohsiung from TPE is as the appendix, please check the appendix “How to get to Kaohsiung from TPE”.

We will provide airport shuttle service to Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)and Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) when you depart.
Language  Translation between English and Taiwanese or Mandarin.
Role of Host Churches / Organizations in Taiwan
(1)Initiate summer mission programs.
(2)Support overseas youths’ local expenses, accommodation and one day tour.
(3)Recruit at least 2 local youths to participate in this program and send their applications with church/organization’s application forms.
Who may Participate?
(1)Youths and young adults from overseas. (Age 16-35)
(2)Youths and young adults who are interested in cross cultural mission.
(3)Youths and young adults who are willing to cooperate with local church/organization’s summer program.
(4)Youths and young adults who want to know more about Taiwan.
(1)Local expenses, during June 28 – July 15, will be fully supported by PCT, local host churches and organizations. The expenses Includes food, accommodation, accident insurance, transportation and exposure program.
(2)Participants will be responsible for all other expenses: International airfare and other expenses in Taiwan, e.g. Laundry, telephone, medical insurance, and extended travel in Taiwan, etc.
How to Register
(1)If you apply through post or fax, please type or write your form clearly in capital letter.
(2)You can also apply through internet: Download the application form, fill in your information, and send the application to:
Program Contact Person
The Youth Ministry Committee of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT)
Program Secretary: Rev. Cheng, Chun-Ping (GP)
Program Assistant: Mr. Hsu, Tai-Li
TEL:886-2-23625282 ext. 511
Address: 3, Lane 269, Roosevelt Rd. Sec.3, Taipei, 10647 Taiwan
E-mail Address:
Line ID: @pctyouth

2017 ILT-1 Invitation.pdf
2017 ILT-2 Introduction.pdf
2017 ILT-3 Application_form.doc
2017 ILT-3 Application_form.pdf
2017 ILT-4 How to go to Kaohsiung from Taoyuan International Airport (TPE).pdf
2017 ILT-Poster.jpg

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