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ADD: 3,Lane 269, Roosevelt Road, Sec.3, Taipei,106 TAIWAN

TEL: 886-2-23625282 ext.511

FAX: 886-2-23631722

Program Secretary/Evangelist Lí, Sìn-jîn

02-23625282 ext. 111

Assistant/Mrs. Yao, Hsin-Tzu(Kelly)
The most awesome married woman and staff

Sunshine Youth Camp
I am a married woman from Tainan, having a strong love for tasty food, especially meatballs and hand-shake drinks. I studied in the same college as my father, Tainan Theological College and Seminary. Although our departments are different, I still find it a big honor
So far I am the most senior staff in PCT Youth Ministry Committee, not only in terms of age, but also in terms of seniority.
I am also a Sunshine Youth Camp adventure education program facilitator and trainer.
Working in Sunshine Youth Camp keeps me forever young.
I have a masculine husband and two handsome boys; whenever going home, I have 3 guys to boss around. Ha!

Assistant/Ms. Chuang, Ying-Siou (SiouSiou)
A girl from a harbor city but cannot swim.

TKC Guide Training Camp, Bible Study Camp for young adult, Media (internet and publication) Ministry
02-23625282 ext. 311

My parents came from Penghu, but I was born in Kaohsiung. This is my eighth year in Taipei. My favorite junk food is French fries. Enjoying shampoo in salon after work and watching a movie when I am free are a little happiness of mine.
Well….the rent in Taipei is ridiculously high, I do hope it can be lower.

Assistant/Mr. Hsu, Tai-Li (Terry)
Magic boy

I Love Taiwan Mission Camp, Ecumenical Youth Exchange Program(EYEP), Music Ministry
02-23625282 ext. 511

I was born and raised in Taipei. Even so, I’m more familiar with Tainan. Eating, cooking, music, magic and God are all my favorites. My ecumenical experience is countless and priceless.