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The origin of Popular Gospel Hymns

Written by Chu, Yueh-Hsin

With the unremitting efforts of 28 years of Church Music Committee and Hymn edit group, the latest Hymn version was finally published in 2009. The former version was published in 1964, which was 45 years before 2009 version.

There are 650 hymns in the 2009 version, including most of the hymns in 1964 version and even the earlier classics. Also, there are new compositions from the style of Hakka, indigenous, folk music and etc.

PCT Youth Ministry Committee held the first “Popular Gospel Hymns contest” in 2010 to encourage the youths to sing hymns with creativity. This album debuted because of the “Popular Gospel Hymns contest”. Apart from including the songs of the contest winner into the album, we appreciated the participation of all Christian singers.

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