The Youth Sunday

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The Youth Sunday

2017 The Youth’s Sunday Letter

Dear pastors, sisters and brothers in Christ

Shalom. Recently, we have seen more youths fight on the front line for the social issues that include: transitional justice, pension reform, indigenous land justice, and marriage equality. As PCT youths, we expect to be involved in the social reform from the perspective of faith and to stand as witnesses of the Kingdom of God.

Two years later (2019) will be the 70th anniversary of PCT Youth Fellowship (Tâi-oân Ki-tok Tiún-lό Kàu-hōe Chheng-liân Thoân-khè, TKC). TKC has been through countless difficulties and has become more prosperous since being founded at Liu Yuan Church in 1949. We will retrospect the journey we have been through with grateful heart. In the future, we will still bear in mind the teaching of the prophet Micah: “To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” and continue to grow in Taiwan.

To make the youths “Learn to be the Christian, and serve humbly”, and learn Christ Jesus’ sacrificing love for human, we have to continue debt to love one another. Youths shall stand as witnesses of the Lord’s glory, and proclaim the gospel all over the world. PCT Youth Ministry Committee will continue to promote the branching projects to empower youths to broaden their horizon. The Committee also provides resources to the youths who are willing to commit to the church, and hopes that those empowered youths can become the useful forces for the church and gospel ministry.

PCT General Assembly set the first Sunday of May as “The Youth’s Sunday”. We would like to see the church host “The Youth’s Sunday” to encourage the youths to participate in the church services, to arouse their attention to youth mission ministry and to approve the efforts of the youths for church services. We expect that the youths can become the pillars of the church and devote themselves in the sacred calling of proclaiming the gospel so that the gospel can be extended and become the blessing of the church and others.

May we become the supports and the prayers for the youths in the love and freedom of Christ. We have to set a good example for the youths to make them approve and identify with PCT so that they would be willing to commit to the church. We hope the youths can grow with the church and make the church become the salt of the earth and light of the world to bring harmony to the areas and bring the Lord’s mercy and love to everyone’s heart, making the church become the sign of hope.


Youth Ministry Committee of PCT
Chair:Mr. Yeh, Chi-Hao
Program Secretary:Evangelist Lí, Sìn-jîn

A.D 2017 Apr 13th