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Our Vision

Aims of Ministry

1. In the name of “TKC”(please refer to the footnote), we aim to help the youths take roots in Taiwan, to commit themselves to Christ and to identify with the Presbyterian order, faith and tradition, so that the youths can be proud of being PCT members.

2. According to the Presbyterian system, we establish multiple youth ministries whose main body is presbytery, subsidize youth missions and activities held by presbyteries/districts, and encourage all presbyteries/districts to develop youth ministries with their own features in the local contexts.

3. We empower the youths, and from bottom upward, encourage them to design ministries with the spirit of youth. Among churches, we create opportunities for youths to take part in decision making in major events, anticipating that the youths can be more influential and more involved in the church affairs.

4. “Youth Mission Center” serves as a platform to integrate youth ministries done by general committee of youth, higher education, women, Indigenous, Hakka, ecumenical, and church-society, etc.

5. We encourage every presbytery/district to appoint their own youth program secretaries in order to plan, integrate the resources of churches, and execute youth ministries in their presbyteries/districts.

6. Missionary work should be closely connected to the society. National youth policy will also have impact on the situation of youths in the churches. Therefore, we should discuss and cooperate with other NGOs, and participate proactively in the issue about youths to make structural reforms on social structure.