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Sunshine Youth Camp is a youth ministry strategy developed from the 40 mission issues in Taiwan Youth Convention. The former Secretary of Youth Ministry Committee, Rev. Lyim, Hong-Tiong took the advice from youths to hold Sunshine Youth Camp with the ideas from the camp held by the students from “Tainan Theological College and Seminary” and youths from Chiayi Presbytery.

PCT Youth Ministry Committee has promoted Sunshine Youth Camp as a brand-positioning camp since 2001. By carrying out the experiential education pioneer, Dr. John Dewey’s educational philosophy “Learning by doing”, we expect to cultivate the youths’ lives and faith.

Sunshine Youth Camp is a camp incorporated with experiential education and Christian faith. Through adventure education, life education, morning and evening devotion, youth nights, commitment nights, and group dynamic activities, the youths would open their hearts and encounter the Lord during the camp. Adventure education encourages youths to leap out of their comfort zones, and build up team consciousness. With the life education during the camp, the participants in each team will have life dialogues. Those teenagers will also reflect on their lives through the activity of adventure education, and then, become an individual who cares about others and the society.

Sunshine Youth Camp is divided into three steps.
Step 1:The Youth Ministry Committee will hold the demonstration winter camp on winter vacation.
Step 2:PCT Youth Ministry Committee will offer trainings to the summer camp staff around Taiwan.
Step 3:PCT Youth Ministry Committee will encourage each presbytery/district to hold Sunshine Youth Camp with the local context.