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Mission Statements

Ten Convictions of TKC

The declaration of the first session of Taiwan Youth Convention, 1977

Today’s youth forms today’s church. We are convinced that we are a part of today’s church, and we cannot exempt the church from the responsibility for this time. Therefore, on the basis of our faith confession, we are willing to take the responsibility as youths.

1.We believe that Jesus Christ is the savior of all people, the arbitrator of history, and the only foundation of the church. Thus, we forever believe in His lead.
2.We believe that only Jesus Christ can give us complete and enriched life. Thus, we need to incessantly resolve to experience Christ’s life to become a new person.
3.We believe that Jesus is the center of our lives; hence, we need to have the same mindset as Christ Jesus and change our self-centered attitude. With actual deeds, we shall testify our faith in Him.
4.We believe that the Bible is the inspiration from God, and it enlightens His truth and life to every generation. Thus, we need to study Bible constantly to better understand the truth and practice the teaching of the Bible.
5.We believe that church is a community of God’s salvation; we are the workers who are chosen and the tools for God to save the world, so that all nations can be blessed. Thus, we shall be in the community of Christians to learn, live and work with others.
6.We believe that churches worldwide should fulfill the mission of proclaiming God’s gospel in every generation. Thus, we should listen to God’s words at all times, constantly renew ourselves and be loyal to His will.
7.We believe that churches worldwide should unite in Christ Jesus. Thus, we shall devote ourselves in ecumenism.
8.We believe that the light of Jesus Christ set people free from darkness. Thus, we shall be the light to shine over the world and be the salt to bring harmony to all.
9.We firmly believe that the church should follow Christ, take part in this world with love and serving, and care for the society to accomplish the mission God has entrusted us.
10.We believe that church shall steer the social order to meet the standard of Christ’s teaching. At the same time, we encourage and assist our members in Christ to fulfill their duty as citizens, which includes paying attention to national affairs, and participating actively in political, economic and social issues. The church shall also retain the value of life and human dignity and pursue the ideal society of God’s “love and justice.”

Thus, we believe that the establishment of a renewed life style is imperative. As youths, we shall start from ourselves. We will lead the society to the right path, and do our best efforts to make God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

(The article had passed it’s reading in the first session of Taiwan Youth Convention in 1977)