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Mission Statements

Let Taiwan Soar in Love – The Youth’s Prayer

(Published in 2009)

Lord, the creator of all,
We firmly believe in you as the arbitrator of the history of Taiwan.
We thank you for showing your love and grace to mankind by the suffering, crucifixion and resurrection of your son Jesus Christ. We firmly believe in the mission of ecumenical churches to proclaim the good news of Your Kingdom at all times. Therefore, we will consistently listen to your words and renovate ourselves to live your will upright.

Lord, the maker of harmony,
We thank you for giving us a complete and abundant life through Jesus Christ, so that we can learn and experience the life of Christ, to become a newborn man. We firmly believe that the Bible is the revelation of God, to reveal His truth and life to all times. We shall study the Bible to further understand the truth, and to live out its teachings. We firmly believe that the churches of this world shall unite on the basis of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we must devote ourselves to the unity of churches.

Lord, the light of our land,
We thank you for freeing mankind from darkness by the light of Jesus Christ. We shall become the light of the world, the salt of the earth, to reconcile with all creations. We firmly believe that the church must follow the Christ, take part in this world with love and serving, and care for its society to accomplish the mission God has entrusted us.

Lord, who has become flesh,
We firmly believe that the church has the obligation to prompt the social order to correspond with the teaching of the Bible, and to encourage the congregation to show its concerns to national affairs, to take part in political, economic and social life, in order to protect the value of life and the dignity of humanity, and to put into practice an ideal society of “Love and Justice”, for God’s will could be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Lord, of love and justice,
We ask for your guidance, so that we may have a heart of justice and mercy, to walk with you in honesty. We are willing to understand and identify the historical context of Taiwan, and, with your love, to commit ourselves to show our concerns for the freedom and survival of our Taiwanese siblings in the ecumenical world. We ask that you be with the youth, call and teach the young souls, through your love, and life of suffering for justice, to let Taiwan soar up in love.

In Jesus name we pray, A-men.