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2018 ILT: “When Flower Blooms”
Date: 2018/7/20


胡宜芳 文字報導 / 陳怡婷 編譯



2018 ILT: “When Flower Blooms”

Mandarin reported by Hu, Yi-Fang/ English transcribed by Rachel Chen

All too soon, the I Love Taiwan Mission (ILTM) international youth, returned from their designated host churches on Thursday July 19 to begin their Debriefing session. This time they gathered together at PCT William Sia Memorial Camp near Carp Pond at Puli in Nantou County. The very first activity during ILT debriefing was entitled “When Flower Blooms”, which was a static display. Through “When Flower Blooms”, each ILT youth participant presented what s/he learned from their time with the host churches. They exhibited their DIY work displaying the characteristics of the PCT local churches, these were made during their mission project/camp in host churches. Those who were hosted by Indigenous churches had the opportunity to try their skills with handmade traditional bracelets; other churches sold T-shirts for charity.

The primary aim of “When Flower Blooms” was to allow the ILT participants space and time to reflect and to share their experiences while serving at the local churches. To make the experience interactive they were also assigned to collect pieces for a puzzle - each ILT participant had time to see what other teams had been doing during their church service and then answer two questions or complete an assignment, if the answers were correct and s/he was “rewarded” with a piece of the puzzle. After completing the puzzle, ILT participant received a special gift.

Through this activity all ILT participants had an opportunity not only to share from their own experience but also learned and acknowledged what each group had been doing alongside their respective host churches. Many ILT participants took part in summer camps at host churches; others were assigned to community service. We pray all who attended these mission events experienced the love and joy of Jesus and will in turn pass forward God’s love to many more people.

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